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Petroleum and Gas


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Aviation Fuel

Through its legacy of quality, reliability, service and trust, Khubung Group has been a key player in supplying aviation turbine fuel (Jet A-1) to commercial airlines at international airports in Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and Africa, since 2009.

Our jet fuel meets or exceeds stringent requirements for worldwide fuel handling and product standards set by industry and government groups. Khubung has partnered with the leading international forum where experts in all aspects of the aviation fuel supply industry come together to establish and enhance standards for the safe handling and quality control of aviation fuels globally.

We know how important a top quality and reliable fuel supply is for the aviation business.

Automotive Fuel

For over 10 years Khubung Group has prominently provided Automotive Fuel throughout the Sub Saharan landscape, building select partnerships with different entities.Our Main focus of suppy is Diesel 50ppm , 10ppm, Petrol 93 ULP, 95 ULP.

We made it our mission to bring vessel tankers throughout Sub Saharan Africa and we also made it our vision to be the best or the leading distributor in the land.


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Renewable energy resources are an easy, cost-effective way to reduce both electricity costs and carbon emissions. However, a common criticism leveled at renewable energy resources like wind and solar is:what happens when the wind isn’t blowing and the sun isn’t shining? There are many options to solve for this criticism, from net metering policies to pairing solar with energy storage

One additional new method for combating this critique is through hybrid energy systems: by installing wind and solar hybrid systems, renewable energy developers are finding innovative ways to produce more energy with even greater consistency.


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